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Bellevue Hill Residence

Architect:                  Andre Baroukh & Associates
Builder:                    Steve Stathis
Estimated Cost:     $
Completed:             2009


Three level brick and concrete residence featuring cantilevered stairs, a copper roof, domed ceiling and indoor lap pool and fabulous views of Sydney harbour.

The site required partial excavation and subsequent retention of the neighbouring northern property. Steel braced contiguous piles were chosen for the retention system. The retention system was designed to act as a temporary shoring wall, permanent retaining wall and footings for the vertical loads imposed by the residences. The remainder of the footing system comprised of a piered raft slab system for the lower ground floor.

Ground and first floor consisted of concrete slabs supported on load bearing brickwork. Various concrete elements were constructed to facilitate the architects content including corbels, pergolas, downturn and upturn beams and a cantilevered stair.

The roof consists of a standard conventionally framed timber roof lined with copper. The ceiling is also conventionally framed with the exception of a steel and timber framed dome.

The Bellevue Hill home provides an excellent example of the various engineering and building aspects required to construct the home. Whilst the structures did not represent any major engineering challenges, the emphasis for Alba and Associates was to combine various construction techniques and construction material to provide a sound and economic design that could be constructed in a timely manner.

Please take the time to follow the construction of this magnificent home in our gallery here

 Case Study of Bellevue Hill Residence


St Ives Multi Storey Residential Development

Builder:                    Karingai Developments 
Estimated Cost:     $    million
Completed:             2009


Multi Storey - three levels - Residential Development incorporating 



Please take the time to follow the construction of this magnificent development in our gallery here


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