Dilapidation Reports

What are Dilapidation Reports ?

Dilapidation reports are a photographic survey of an element such as building structures or even assets including driveways, footpaths and the like. The reports are primarily used for the assessment of damage.

It is often a Council condition of a Development Application that pre and post development dilapidation reports be completed by a professional structural engineer. The purpose of this Council condition is to capture the state of the building structure or asset prior to the commencement of the proposed works and compare this report with the state of the element after the works are complete.

It is essential that the reports are both accurate and indisputable.

Typically, our reports will include 150mm x 100mm photographs of structurally significant features. The photos are complemented with a corresponding table of written descriptors that include the type of crack and width where applicable.

Three bound copies of the reports are included in our fee. Additional copies can be made available at an additional cost.

We note that some dilapidation reports provided by other sources may include "proof" sized photos without descriptors. It is our opinion that such a report would not be adequate or in the best interests of the client.

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